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Fissures, Cracks


Cicaleïne® Crack Care Film forms a protection as of the first application to fill cracks. Soft, clear and waterproof, this film gives a second-skin effect that protects the injury from external aggression. The development of cracks and chapping is stopped. The epidermal reconstruction is also encouraged for faster healing. The injury is soothed and reopening avoided.


Disinfect and dry the wound. Delicately spread the liquid using the brush. After leaving to dry for one minute, the dressing will form a film. Renew the application once or twice a day until completely healed.


Methacrylic Resin, Solvant


This medical device is a regulated health product and, in accordance with the relevant regulations, carries the CE mark. If symptoms do not go away, talk to a doctor or pharmacist. Distributed in France, Andorra and Monaco by Laboratoires Asepta, March 2017.


CODE ASEPTA : 172 (4 ml)
CODE ACL : 5441967
GENCOD : 3323035441967